I have been living in different places and traveling a lot last 6 years, without these resources it wouldn’t be possible to accomplish. Here you can find all services and items which helped me along the way and my recommendations.


Get here the cheapest flight, I love that the platform offers amazing customizable options such as ‘Search Everywhere’ and ‘multi-city options’. It helps a lot to plan a trip, you can see the best prices on a calendar and decide when to go. 

StudentUniverse is an online travel agency specializing in youth travel. It offers flights, lodging, travel insurance, and escorted tours. This website has the best discount sales for students travelling often across continents.


If you haven’t heard of this giant, you’ve probably been on survivor island for a bit too long! Booking is my go-to platform to compare hotel prices, see different cancellation policies, and compare across other modes of stay. I also love that they’ve added a bunch of apart-hotels and homestays which make this a great alternative to an Airbnb.

Looking to travel like a local? Want some privacy while traveling but still a place more homey than a hotel? Check out this amazing platform for booking vacation rental apartments. Get the best rates here if you want to stay for longer period of time.


Students insurance by DR. WALTER 

The best insurance for foreign students in Germany. DR. WALTER is established insurance provider in Germany. Not only do they offer the best prices, but cover your stay in Germany so you don’t have to worry about money when visiting a doctor. 


Ever since I have moved to Europe, I only use one platform to send money to and check the best currency exchange rates. What’s even better is easy to set up account with free withdrawals abroad.

This UK startup had been my favorite bank. They have the best exchange rates, super user-friendly app, 24 hours online support, and pretty much all you need.

Revolut offers different types of cards, which will be sent to you via post, as they don’t have physical offices. You will get an account absolutely for free without monthly expenses! Innovative, easy, cheap!

Au Pair 

Best website for Au Pair to find a family abroad. There I found mine! It is totally free.

Another good resource for Au Pairs, which help to find a family. It is free as well.

Another great insurance from DR.WALTER which will keep you safe during your Au Pair program in Germany. I also had this insurance in my Au Pair year and it has covered even my stay in the hospital. No complaints can only recommend.


For all your Russians best visa agency in the country. Arranging visas for the almost entire world. Reliable and trustworthy organization.

Apply for your visa as I do at IVISA. A quick and inexpensive way to receive your visa for any place in the world. 

Very easy application process, usually 100% online and with clear instructions – much less complicated than dealing with foreign governments.

IVISA also provides awesome customer support so you will receive answers on all your questions and concerns. 

Information you need to move abroad

Here you find all the necessary information about the requirements to study or work in Germany and Austria. As well as other helpful information provided by authorities. Checking these websites is a must.

Information about the country, city

It is essential to inform yourself about the destination before you go. I always use these expat platforms, which give you information from the local point of view.

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