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Oct 22, 2020Health Care, Insurances

Choosing health insurance is a complicated process in Germany and especially if you are a foreigner and don’t speak German. In this situation, the insurance provider DR.WALTER will serve you the best since they focus especially on foreigners who come to Germany.

DR. WALTER is one of the oldest insurances in Germany, providing youth and adults with various coverage for periods of their life. In fact, this insurance company serves only foreigners. So if you are looking for trustable insurance in Germany, this is the best choice.

This post is dedicated to DR.WALTER as an insurance provider for foreign guests, students, workers in Germany. If you are considering taking out one of their packages this will be a great guide for you.

Packages of DR. WALTER

There are many various coverages provided by the company DR.WALTER, the information below will help you to pick one which is suitable to your current situation and needs.

The best thing about insurances from DR.WALTER is that you can sign for one and receive it ONLINE! Yes, you heard it right, no office visit is needed, that means, you can organize it from the comfort of your home and even from abroad.

And this moment is especially important because, for all German visas and later residence permits, you will need to present German health insurance, but how are you supposed to get it in your home country?

Here DR.WALTER comes into play, they will email you insurance after you have submitted the application and paid for the package.

EDUCARE24 – Insurance for Students

EDUCARE24 is the simplest and easiest insurance for student and not only them in Germany. Particular groups of people can take out this package including:

  • language students,
  • university students
  • interns
  • guest researchers

All persons with foreign nationality younger than 69 years planning to stay in Germany temporarily can apply to for EDUCARE24. The application for insurance can be submitted up to one month after entry, the start of classes, the start of studies, the start of internships, the start of teaching, and research activities (or whatever you are planning to do in Germany).

Better if you request the insurance before you apply for your German visa, so you will be set from the beginning.

Moreover, EDUCARE24 really cares, because it’s not only health insurance but private liability insurance, accident insurance, and even insurance in case of deportation. Almost all coverages from DR.WALTER is a combination of those insurances we just have mentioned.

With that said, your stay in Germany will be fully covered. This insurance also adjusted to the visa requirements and all other packages provided by DR.WALTER. They have minimum health insurance coverage of 30,000 EUR, which meets the government conditions.

Proof of health insurance also will be needed for the residence permit which you need to apply for after arrival to Germany. EDUCARE24 fulfills the criteria also there.

Your advantages with EDUCARE24:

  • coverage meets authorities requirements
  • health insurance without deductible
  • insurance coverage valid in your home country (up to 6 weeks)
  • get your insurance card
  • direct billing with doctors is possible


up to 39 years old33 €37 €41 €59 €
after 19. months50 €54 €59 €85 €
up to 69 years old54 €58 €69 €83 €
after 19. months110 €114 €120 € 130 €
*All prices mentioned per month

German Student Insurance

This health insurance for students is equal to the public statutory insurance policy. The coverage is more extensive and equal to the public one, meaning costs for all common treatments will be reimbursed.

Usually, the conditions for taking out German public health insurance include having a German bank account and a German residence address. However, GERMAN STUDENT INSURANCE from DR.WALTER doesn’t have such requirements and you can apply for it from abroad without having a German bank account or a residence in Germany.

GERMAN STUDENT INSURANCE is the right health insurance coverage for the entire duration of your studies in Germany. For a time prior to your studies, you can apply for coverage EDUCARE24 from DR.WALTER.

Here are all benefits with German Student Insurance:

  • meets all visa requirements
  • application can be made from abroad
  • full protection equal to the statutory health insurance
  • direct billing with doctors and hospitals

TK (Techniker Krankenkasse) is a partner insurance company of DR.WALTER and one of the largest public insurance providers in Germany. They will take care of you if you choose German Student insurance. What are the benefits of health insurance with TK?

  • direct billing with doctors and hospitals without advance payment
  • medical, dental, and psychotherapeutic treatment
  • treatment for the early detection of diseases
  • treatments for the prevention and alleviation of diseases as well as for contraception and abortion
  • supply of medicines, bandages, remedies, and AIDS
  • treatment of pre-existing diseases
  • inpatient treatment in the hospital without a time limit
  • treatments of spouses and children
  • insurance is easily extendable in case you extend your studies period

Students can only take this insurance after enrolment at university and only after their study starts. Prior to this, they can take out previous insurance – EDUCARE24.


The contribution for German Student Insurance – statutory health insurance is 105,05 EUR per month. This is the minimal price you will pay for public health insurance in Germany.

After your studies starts and you arrived to Germany following rates will be applied:

German Student Insurance TKHealth insuranceCare insurance (mandatory)Additional fee (mandatory)Total per month
Up to 22 years old76,85 €22,94 €5,26 €105,05 €
Individuals from 23 years old with child76,85 €22,94 €5,26 €105,05 €
Individuals from 23 years old 76,85 €24,94 €5,26 €105,05 €

Unfortunately, according to the German law students who are 30 or older can’t take out this insurance. For these students, EDUCARE24 XL is the right insurance choice for the entire study period.


If you need a good and reliable banking account for Germany which is also free, check out DKB – it has great deals including free European debit card and Visa card.


Since students from their 30th birthday and onwards can’t take out statutory student health insurance the EDUCARE24 XL will be a good alternative.

EDUCARE24 XL is all-round protection from health insurance, accident insurance, personal liability insurance, and insurance on deportation costs as well as meets all official requirements. The insurance can be taken for up to 4 years and offers you, among other things, preventive benefits within the scope of statutory premiums (e.g. dental care).

What is all included in EDUCARE24 XL?

  • health insurance
  • liability insurance
  • accident insurance
  • deportation insurance


 Individuals up to 39 yearsIndividuals between 39 and 69 years
59 € 83 €
Price from 19th month85 €130 €

Is EDUCARE24 XL insurance only for students?

No, package EDUCARE from DR.WALTER can be taken out by different groups of people, such as foreign students, trainees, language students and researches.


STUDENT PLUS is insurance suitable for students and doctorates aged up to 34 years who are wishing to complete a part of their education in Germany abroad. With this package, they will be insured for up to 5 years while living abroad.

What is included?

  • comprehensive protection for up to 5 yeas
  • easy online completion

STUDENT-PLUS is great insurance if you for example going to do an Erasmus program in terms of studies at the German university.

You should take out this insurance for the entire stay abroad and before leaving Germany. Keep in mind. the insurance is valid worldwide, but not in Germany. For stay in Germany opt for premium EDUCARE24.

There are different plans to choose from depending on the coverage:

  1. STUDENT-PLUS S: only health insurance
  2. STUDENT-PLUS M: health insurance, personal assistance, personal liability, and accident insurance
  3. STUDENT-PLUS L: health insurance, personal assistance, personal liability insurance, accident insurance, and luggage insurance
  4. STUDENT-PLUS Z: personal assistance, personal liability, accident, and luggage insurance

For the visa requirements, usually, it’s enough to take out STUDENT-PLUS basic plan.

Advantages of STUDENT-PLUS:

  1. STUDENT-PLUS protects not only your health but also save you money in case of accident, liability, issues with luggage, and other unlucky events.

2. STUDENT-PLUS includes comprehensive assistance services, this includes a 24-hour emergency number, support and organization for upcoming hospital stays, and possible repatriation, as well as assistance with legal problems and the loss of means of payment.

Other benefits of STUDENT-PLUS:

  • all-round insurance abroad
  • no deductible


Price ranges whether stay in USA or Canada included or not. So monthly fee for STUDENT PLUS without USA or Canada:

up to 12 months39 €45 €54 €90 €
from 13 months 54 €60 €69 €90 €

Price without coverage in USA or Canada:

up to 12 months54 €60 €69 €90 €
from 13 months 74 €80 €89 €90 €


AU-PAIR24 is the best health insurance for Au-pairs in Germany. Usually, the hosting family of incoming Au-pair takes care of the insurance. For only 39 EUR per month, they can ensure that their guest will be safe in the new country.

With this insurance, Au-pair will be able to apply for a visa in the German embassy. The application can be made online and the insurance policy itself will be emailed to you directly.

During the stay in Germany, the insurance covers all acute treatment of newly occurring diseases and unpredictable treatments of pre-existing diseases.

Additionally, the Au-pair will be covered with liability insurance in case something happens. This accident includes personal injury caused by the Au pair to parents, children, or other persons living in the household as well as damage to third parties. All this is covered with AU-PAIR24 up to the respective maximum amount.

AU-PAIR24 includes not only health insurance but also:

  • liability insurance
  • accident insurance
  • deportation costs insurance


You can choose between two monthly contributions: 39 EUR and 44 EUR. A more expensive option will provide more extensive coverage.



DR.WALTER had been around for a while, 60 years of experience in the insurance business, speak for themselves. A company of 60 employees provides a wide variety of products from student health insurance up to the blocked banking account.

They specialize in products for foreign guests, people who come to Germany to study, do internships, work as an Au Pair, or as guest researchers.

You can find insurance by DR.WALTER for any need and budget. They have made the application prozess very easy and straightforward, which is not typical for german insurance providers. You will receive a policy per email almost immediately after completion of the application.

Additionally, all insurances from DR-WALTER fulfill the criteria of comprehensive private insurance required by the government of Germany and other European countries.

Price and Value Ratio

Insurances of DR.WALTER are one of the cheapest in the German market with comprehensive coverage and responsive customer support. Moreover, all insurances meet the requirements of the German embassy, which allows you to apply for your visa.

The application process is very simple and almost all insurances can be taken out online as well as received via email.

The price-value ratio is excellent, imagine you can have student health insurance for only 33 EUR per month and be able to use medical services to the similar extent as an owner of public health insurance who pays over 100 EUR per month.

DR.WALTER definitely wins when it comes to the prices and what you get for this. Moreover, you don’t need to pay for additional insurances like liability insurance, accident insurance because they all already included in your package.

If you want to save money on unnecessary insurances while staying in Germany, DR.WALTER is the way to go!

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