Best Websites To Buy Used Car in Germany

Buying a used car makes sense in many situations, the value depreciation of the new vehicle is huge. You might consider buying a used car in Germany for usage within the country or export – both works.

Best Websites To Buy Used Car in Germany:

  • AutoScout24
  • eBay Kleinanzeigen

When buying a used car, you can save quite a lot of money. In the end, the original owner pays the price for the steep depreciation during the early years. So, where can a foreigner buy a used car in Germany?

Best Websites To Buy Second-Hand Cars in Germany

Maybe you moved to Germany and decided to buy a vehicle or want to purchase one for export, in both cases you need to know where to look for it. In this article, we picked the top online platforms to buy a used car in Germany, either from a private seller or a car dealer.  

If your budget is too tight, you can finance a vehicle in Germany. Simply apply for an online loan with Auxmoney, they give loans to foreign nationals with minimal requirements and high approval rate.


AutoScout24 is an international online platform for buying and selling new & used vehicles. It’s also one of the most popular websites in Germany and Europe for car deals.

AutoScout24 has over 27 million customers annually in Germany and across other 18 countries in Europe and over 2 million vehicles to offer.

However, you can’t buy a car directly via the website, but you will be directed to the dealers and sellers. There you can find cars from both private sellers and car dealers, and even financial and insurance providers, so you can instantly finance and insure your car.

For the international crowd, AutoScout24 has different language options, including English, Russian, Spanish, Italian, France, so you won’t be struggling without knowledge of German. is Germany’s largest online platform to buy and sell vehicles. As of January 2019, has over 1.5 million vehicles listed. With all these websites, your experience of purchasing a used car will depend on the seller and not on the platform itself.

Apart from the private sellers, there are 40,000 car dealers partnered with the platform and advertise their vehicles regularly. Luckily, the site offers 10 different languages for non-German speakers, including English, Turkish, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, etc.

Additionally, has a functional price and insurance calculator that you can use when looking for a car. Currently, it is the only platform offering cars for lease, so it might also be an option for you.

eBay Kleinanzeigen

eBay Kleinanzeigen is the place to go when you want to sell/buy any used items, including cars. Although it isn’t run in English, you might find this platform helpful since it will provide all the needed information on cars and owners.

As for used cars, I would recommend eBay Kleinanzeigen as a second option after you have done some search on AutoScout24.

But eBay Kleinanzeigen is definitely a one-stop-shop for any second-hand items in Germany. is also one of the biggest platforms for car dealerships out there. As of January 2019, it offers 468,000 vehicles, including private and commercial sellers.

12Gebrauctwagen is another platform to find a second-hand car in Germany. It offers some useful features, but the website is in the German language.

Other websites you might want to check out:

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How To Finance a Car in Germany?

If your budget is too tight and you want that car so badly, you can finance a vehicle in Germany. Simply apply for an online loan with Auxmoney. This company gives loans to foreign nationals with minimal requirements. 

You can borrow between 1,000 EUR and 50,000 EUR for the duration between 12 and 84 months. Auxmoney is known for its high success rate when taking a personal loan. 

Auxmoney is Germany’s biggest financial marketplace for personal loans, founded in 2006. Auxmoney has been offering loans to private individuals for over 10 years. Since then, more than 364,000 loans have been given, over 2 billion EUR in total. Customers rate Auxmoney 4.8 out of 5.

Auxmoney requirements: 

  • You are between 18 and 65 years old
  • You have a residence in Germany
  • You have a regular income (at least 600 EUR per month)

Apply for a loan here.

Other options for car loans:

  1. Smava

Another option will be to finance your car with Smava. You can find and apply for various loans in Germany on this platform, including online and classic financial institutions.

Smava is rated as 5 out of 5 in finding credit in Germany. With Smava you can apply for loans in banks like Commerzbank, Postbank, Unicredit, Sparkasse, Deutsche Bank.

Here you can borrow between 1,000 EUR and 120,000 EUR. Both services have a very quick payout time. You will receive the money within days.

2. Tarifcheck

Tarifcheck is one of the Germany’s biggest comparison platforms. You can find their best loans as well as car insurance providers. Just select the loan amount and the duration on their website.

3. Verivox

Compare and select the right loan with Verivox. You can borrow from 1,000 EUR and up to 100,000 EUR for up to 10 years with Verivox. The loan can be taken online and with the same-day payout.

Have a look at Verivox loan:

  • Interest rate starts from 0.0% p. a.
  • 100% online
  • Same-day processing incl. money withdrawal is possible
  • Pauses in payments are possible

Learn about car loans and car financing in Germany in this article.

Get an Insurance for Your Car in Germany

Insurance is the first item you should think of after you have bought a car in Germany. There are two main and best overall companies offering packages: CosmosDirekt, DA Direkt  and AXA.

CosmosDirekt is the most affordable one across all providers. Axa is one of the biggest car insurance companies in Germany and is more reputable.

AXA has inexpensive and extensive coverage for your car. You can create your personal insurance plan by adding the services you want.

Moreover, AXA is present in 56 other countries and so one of the biggest insurance providers in the world! So you and your car are in the right hands!


CosmosDirekt is a car insurance provider that stands not only for low prices but also for excellent value for money. With coverage from CosmosDirekt you can save up to 40%. In 2018, CosmosDirekt was announced as the most popular car insurance provider in Germany. 

CosmosDirekt is by far the most recommended car insurance in Germany. 

Save money with CosmosDirekt

  • 5% customer bonus by signing a policy
  • 10% discount for electric cars
  • up to 10% family bonus
  • up to 10% for house owners
  • discounts when purchasing a new or used car

Read all reviews about CosmosDirekt on Trustpilot

You can also use Verivox or Tarifcheck to compare car insurance prices in Germany.

Are you looking for the cheapest insurance coverage for your car? Then check our article about the cheapest car insurance deals in Germany.

Register Your Car in Germany

Registering a car is the second thing to do after purchasing a car and insurance in Germany. Be aware that you need to have car insurance for the registration process.

Your car must be registered with the competent authority in the area of residency. When buying a used car privately, you will need to complete this procedure on your own, but if it’s a car dealership, they will handle its registration for you.

To register the car, simply book an appointment at the local car registration office known as Kraftfahrzeug Zulassungsstelle. The registration costs around 30 EUR.

Documents you need for car registration: 

  • Valid ID (a German or foreign passport, or residence permit or ID card)
  • Registration certificate (Anmeldebescheinigung)
  • Proof of ownership (part II of the car’s registration certificate)
  • Proof of car insurance (eVB number)
  • Certificate of conformity (if applicable)
  • Foreign registration certificate (for imported cars only)
  • Proof of roadworthiness following technical inspection (TÜV certificate)
  • SEPA direct debit mandate for payment of vehicle tax

If everything is fine with the documents, your car will be registered, and you will get a seal of registration (Stempelplakette) for your car’s number plates.

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Recommended products and services in Germany:

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