Best Websites To Buy a Used Car in The Netherlands

When people shop online for their next car in the Netherlands, they generally look for a used vehicle since the prices of new cars can be pretty steep. But where should you look for your next used car in the Dutch marker? Here we have collected the best used car websites in the Netherlands.

When looking online to buy a used car in the Netherlands, you can try searching on the following websites:


Some of these sites are available in Dutch, German or English, depending on which language you’re fluent in. 

Indeed, no one has the time to skim through a hundred websites or filter thousands of ads to get the best deals. That is why these sites have already compiled the best offers for you. Each site has unique features for you to narrow down your search further and find the perfect used car! 

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Where to look for a used car in the Netherlands?

The car market in the Netherlands is large, and you can choose between dozens of used car websites. In this article, we have collected the largest Dutch car websites with the majority of listings. The majority of them show offers from dealers as well as from private sellers.

The top Dutch used car websites include:

1. is a Dutch Craiglist with a large number of used cars that are offered by private sellers. If you are looking to buy a car via a private deal, this is the best website. Currently, there are over 187 thousand vehicles you can choose from.

The site has several filtering options like car brand, year, price, etc.

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Known as one of the largest European online car markets, the website of is home to both used and new cars. On this website, you can quickly get over a thousand product listings for used cars in the Netherlands. also lists down the “Most Wanted” cars each week, and most of these cars are from expensive brands and have good mileage. 

The website’s search configuration includes the Basic specifications such as car make, model, variant, body and fuel type, and registration type. You could refine the search by adding optional filters such as accessories of the car you’re looking for, the location of the seller, and even the number of doors the vehicle has. 

With AutoScout24, you can look for cars sold by dealers or private individuals. On this website, you can find almost all the used vehicles with legal papers.

You can even see the cars that went through an accident and request a copy of the relevant documents from authorities. Of course, owners of such cars would need to repair them before listing their vehicles in the website’s catalog.  

At the moment of writing, there are over 192,000 vehicles advertised on the platform.

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3. is a popular in the Netherlands automobile website with all types of vehicles, from passenger cars to even motorhomes. The website has been around since 2000 and is one of the oldest car sources.

At the moment of writing, there are over 179,000 advertisements on the platform.

In fact, Autotrack was named the best car website in the Netherlands by its users. The interface and design are clear and easy to navigate. The search is comprehensive, allowing several specific filter options for car metrics.

4. isn’t a Dutch website but rather global, covering many European car markets, including the Netherlands.

With over 3 million car ads posted and numerous online prices analyzed, you can be confident that Ooyyo has legitimate listings. On their website, searching for any used car in the Netherlands is easy! Their search configuration lets you choose a price range, car model, and body type. 

Ooyyo has a history feature that keeps track of the listings you viewed, so you can go back to them whenever you need them. You could also include posts and offers in your “Favorites” tab. Additionally, a “Compare” feature lets you see the difference between two sellers selling the same car. 

Once you’ve found your desired car, you could quickly contact the seller and negotiate the payment process. Most sellers accept payment via credit cards, but you could arrange a meet-up and pay in cash.

When you purchase online, you could let your trusted mechanic go in person to inspect the car before buying, or you could ask the seller for verification documents on the car’s condition. 


Bynco is among the newest car websites in the Netherlands, allowing you to buy a car entirely online. Nonetheless, it’s already gained high customer satisfaction of 9,1 for the good condition of used vehicles that are offered on the Bynco website.

Currently, over 10,900 cars are available for purchase. The all-in prices include 180 days warranty, 14 days test drive, money back, home delivery, and even a full tank.

Here, instead of only searching for cars and connecting with sellers, you could trade in, find a suitable financing or loan option for your vehicle, and even schedule a test drive before making a purchase. The website boasts listings of primarily pre-owned cars so that you can get the best deals here. 

What’s more attractive to this website is its team’s dedication. If you find a good deal or simply have an inquiry that is not on the website, you can contact Bynco’s team.

They have a chat widget and contact details for WhatsApp, e-mail, and phone calls on their website. 

As a bonus, the website is in English, so you don’t need to use a Google translator.

Each car sold on Bynco’s website has a stamp of approval from their quality-checking team. They guarantee that they triple-check the seller’s profile and the vehicles before even including them in their catalog.

Payments could also be through your trusted third party or credible software and apps such as iDEAL and GoCredible. 

After you make a purchase, Bynco will deliver a car to your address. It’s a completely hands-off process!

6. has a very simple interface but a significant number of cars to choose from. As of September 2022, there are over 174,000 cars available on the platform.

The majority of vehicles come from dealerships.


Lastly, you could try visiting and browse through a vast collection of cars sourced from prominent websites and the biggest dealerships in the Netherlands.

Many Dutch have also tried this website. Customer satisfaction with the website is relatively high – rating 8.3 points out of 10.

At the moment of writing, this site offers the largest number of listings – over 300,000. The website’s collection includes prominent brands of cars such as Toyota, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, and Suzuki. 

Aside from a massive car collection, the website has partnerships with various loan and credit institutions that could assist you in your purchase.

These financial organizations and institutions are accredited, so you won’t worry about getting into a debt trap or a loan shark chasing you. With these features, you must browse through their collection and decide which used car you want to purchase. 

Searching for used cars using the website is easy. They have listed the famous makes under each brand, so you will not have to search for them manually. However, you could also type the name of the car you want and browse through the search results if that is easier for you.

Used car prices in the Netherlands

According to the international rankings, the Netherlands is in the middle regarding used car prices compared to other European countries. In 2020, the average used car was priced at 16,603 EUR.

However, the data from Statista shows that the average used car in the Netherlands costs about 28,000 EUR (2020). That said, you can certainly find a car for cheaper; having 15,000 EUR already will allow you to buy a decent used car in the country. And with 11,000 EUR you can even buy a cheap new car.

For example, with this amount, you could buy affordable budget cars such as Mitsubishi Space Star, Kia Picanto, Dacia Sandero, Hyundai i10, Toyota Aygo, and Skoda Citigo.

Most of these cars are Sedans and Hatchbacks that offer comfort and versatility suitable for family trips or the day-to-day driving from work to home and vice-versa.

Used middle-class vehicles that are only 3 years of age could cost somewhere from 17,000 to 25,000 EUR in the Netherlands. 

Aside from the purchase price, it would be best if you also considered the cost of owning a used car in the Netherlands. We would recommend allotting about 25,000 to 35,000 EUR for a used Volkswagen Golf VIII so you could cover the entire cost of ownership.

The amount comes from a purchase price of 20,000 EUR with additional fees on car maintenance or repair, insurance, fuel, and depreciation costs. 

If a Volkswagen is too expensive for you, you can try looking for cars with more mileage and years on their trunk. For example, a five-year used car could only cost about half the price of a Volkswagen Golf VIII.

If you are unsure about a reasonable price, remember to research car prices used by dealerships and private sellers before committing to a negotiation. 

You could use this table as your reference for the monthly ownership cost of used cars in the Netherlands:

CarMonthly cost
New small middle-class car469 EUR
New, compact 384 EUR
New middle-class car532 EUR
New SUV647 EUR
5 years-old compact car336 EUR
5 years-old middle-class car375 EUR
5 years-old SUV485 EUR

Most popular cars in the Netherlands

According to Statista, cars from Volkswagen are the most popular in the country, having sold almost 44,670 units in 2020, followed by the Kia brand, which sold about 26,777 vehicles. Peugeot is the third most popular car in the Netherlands, with almost 24,000 units sold in 2020.

Among other popular brands are:

  • Toyota
  • Opel
  • Renault
  • Ford
  • BMW
  • Skoda
  • Volvo
  • Hyundai

On the other hand, Fast2Move reported that, in 2022, Toyota Yaris would be the top-selling car in the country, with 3,555 units sold. Trailing behind is the Volvo XC40, which had 2,707 sales.

Aside from these two, cars such as the Peugeot 208, Kia Niro, Kia Picanto, Ford Transit Custom, and Mercedes Sprinter had at least 2,000 sales in the country. 


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