Best SIM Cards in Germany for Students

Getting a SIM card is one of the most important steps when moving to Germany. There are plenty of providers to choose from, and some even have special deals for students. The price of packages varies depending on your preferences, how much data you want if calls and SMS are included or aren’t.

The best SIM cards for students in Germany by far are:

  • O2 Prepaid
  • Aldi Talk
  • Lebara
  • WinSim
  • Blau Allnet

As you can see, the SIM card choice in Germany is large; thus, you might lose yourself in all tariffs and providers very quickly. But students have special needs when it comes to mobile, including a low monthly price and enough data to surf the internet. In this article, we picked to best SIM cards for international students in Germany in particular. Check out the best SIM cards in Germany in this post.

Best SIM cards for Students in Germany

We have picked the most suitable SIM cards for students in Germany, so you can have enough data to stay in touch with your friends online and call within Germany. All of those deals are prepaid SIM cards. In fact, we recommend choosing a prepaid mobile plan since it’s the most common in Germany. You can simply buy a SIM card online or in any grocery store.

 O2 Prepaid SAldi TalkLebaraWinSimBlau Allnet Smart
Monthly price EUR9,997,999,998,997,99
Data3,5 GB3 GB3 GB9 GB3 GB
Network providerO2O2TelekomO2O2
Download/Upload speed50/225 MBit/s25/10 MBit/s18/2,5 MBit/s50/32 MBit/s12/25 MBit/s

1. Prepaid from O2

Provider O2 is also known as Telefonica and is the main competitor of German Telekom. In fact, it’s a telecommunication company with one of the cheapest options in Germany – perfect for students.

They have different packages ranging from Basic, S, M, and L. Prices vary from 0 EUR per month up to 20 EUR. Prepaid S has the best value – 9,99 EUR per month and 3,5 GB.

Prepaid M costs 14,99 EUR and offers 6,5 GB of mobile data. L package is excellent for someone with a need for a large amount of internet. 19,99 EUR per month will get you 12,5 GB. All deals include unlimited calls and SMS.

Highlights of O2 prepaid sim cards:

  • No or short-term contract for 4 weeks
  • Internet LTE 4G + EU roaming
  • 25 EUR Bonus
  • Free SIM card and shipping

Need a SIM card with the best internet? Check out this comparison.

2. Aldi Talk/Paket S

ALDI Talk has a similar concept to the Lidl, and it’s a supermarket as well. They have affordable prepaid SIM cards based on the O2 network. The S package offers 3 GB of data for 7,99 EUR, M has 6 GB, and L – 12 GB.

ALDI talk SIM cards can be purchased in all ALDI supermarkets, which you will see everywhere in Germany.

  • Prepaid SIM card
  • 10 EUR starting credit
  • Unlimited calls & SMS
  • No contract
  • 10 EUR basic fee
  • No minimum turnover

If you opt for a free ALDI SIM card (no monthly fee), calls and SMS will cost you 0,11 EUR per min/SMS.

3. Lebara

Currently offering prepaid SIM card deal for 2,99 EUR per month and 3 GB data.

With Lebara, you can get a starter SIM card for 9,99 EUR per month, which will give you 3 GB of data.

You can also upgrade to 14,99 EUR per month and enjoy 10 GB of data plus 250 min of calls. You also don’t need to sign any contracts with this provider. Moreover, based on over 1,6k reviews, Lebara receives a rate of 4.41 out of 5.

As a bonus, Lebara has its website and support in English in addition to German.

Order Lebara SIM card online, and it will be sent to your address within 48 hours. Get a free SIM card here.

4. WinSim

WinSim provides probably the cheapest deals for everyone in Germany. 2GB data for just 4,99 EUR, these low rates I haven’t seen yet. You can get 9 GB of data for as low as 8,99 EUR per month.

  • Get your 9 GB for only 8,99 EUR

WinSim has O2 as a network provider. All SIM cards also include EU roaming, so you can surf the internet while traveling for free. A customer has an option to sign for a 24-month contract or no contract at all.

You can also get only data SIM cards for internet at the cheaper rates, check it here.

5. Blau Allnet Smart

Blau Allnet Smart is a prepaid SIM card hosted by the telecommunication company O2. It’s a good budget option for students: already for 7,99 EUR, you will get 3 GB of internet.

Blau Allnet L gives you 6 GB of data, calls, and sms, EU roaming for only 8,99 EUR per month. The internet can be customized from 3 GB to 12 GB per month. In addition, a signed customer gets 14,99 EUR as a bonus on the account.

And with Allnet Plus you get 15 GB of data for 14,99 EUR per month, it’s a great deal.

All these deals are available if you are ready to sign a 24-month long contract. For someone not willing to commit, the provider has prepaid SIMs:

  • Free SIM and pay as you go
  • 3 GB for 7,99 EUR
  • 6 GB for 12,99 EUR

EU roaming is included in all packages from all providers, however, you usually will need to book additional data and minutes for Switzerland.

6. Vodafone CallYa Allnet Flat S

Vodafone is one of the biggest network providers in Germany. They have many branches in Germany where you can get personal assistance. The package CallYa Allnet S is perfect for students, for 9,99 EUR, you will get 6 GB of high-quality and even 200 min of calls plus sms.

There is also a more expensive package CallYa Digital for 14,99 EUR per month, and 8 GB of data, calls, and SMS are included in the price.

7. Free from O2

O2 also has SIM cards for someone looking for higher internet speed and more data for an affordable price. For example, you can get 20 GB, with speed up to 225 MBit/s for only 29,99 EUR per month, all calls and SMS within Germany are included in the price!

Additionally, you can enjoy fast internet, calls, and SMS in the entire EU without extra costs.

  • 20 GB internet
  • Unlimited calls and SMS flat to all German networks
  • Speed up to 225 Mbit/s with 4G and up to 300 Mbit/s with 5G network

Don’t forget about your health insurance in Germany.

We made the selection of health insurance in Germany easier for students. As an international student, you have a wide range of insurance providers to pick from, but we compared the best of them here.

In this article, international students, exchange students, interns, trainees, or researchers will find the best coverages at affordable rates.

Compare SIM cards on Verivox

You can also compare all existing SIM cards, providers, and rates in Germany via the platform The search engine will give you information on:

  • Monthly cost of the SIM card
  • How much internet data you get
  • Interned speed
  • Price per call & SMS
  • And even more

To find a prepaid deal, you need to select Handy on top of the page, then prepaid and “jetzt Prepaidtarife vergleichen”. To see all SIM cards select Handytarife. To buy a SIM card, the platform will refer you to the provider.

Compare providers and rates of various insurances including car insurance, sim cards, credits & loans, internet, electricity, and much more. With this fair comparison, you will find the perfect deal for your situation. Check out some of the largest German platforms and You can purchase a favorable deal directly on the website.

Free prepaid SIM cards

Besides taking a standard prepaid SIM with a fixed monthly price, you can get a free SIM card and pay as you go! The biggest benefit of free SIM cards is that if you don’t use the card, there are no costs.

These SIM cards allow you to stay flexible and don’t pay unnecessary monthly fees for unused data. Providers such as O2 and Vodafone offer free SIM card deals. Usually, it’s 100% free, but some companies might charge an initial fee. However, this fee will be on your card as a balance right after activating it.

Calls and SMS are charged separately depending on your consumption. A minute of call or one SMS can range from 8 to 15 cents. Internet data billed between 8 to 15 cents per MB or as a package, e.g., 250 MB.

O2 Free card

Mobile network company O2 also offers free prepaid SIM cards in addition to regular ones. Here, you don’t need to sign any contract. The SIM is 100% free, and you pay as you use data, call or send SMS.

As a bonus, O2 offers 500 MB of data per month for free!

  • 100% free prepaid SIM
  • No contract
  • No basic fee
  • No minimum turnover
  • 1 EUR starting credit
  • 9 Cent per min/SMS

O2 provides the best free SIM cards on the German market.

Vodafone CallYa

  • High-speed internet – 50 Mbit/s
  • 9 Cent per min/SMS
  • 3 cent/MB
  • 100% free prepaid SIM
  • No contract
  • No basic fee

Blau Basic

  • Free SIM card
  • 10 EUR initial fee which will be also your staring balance
  • 9 Cent per min/SMS
  • No contract

What is prepaid SIM card in Germany?

Prepaid SIM cards are prevalent among young people, e.g., students and apprentices in Germany. The concept of a prepaid tariff in Germany is simple, you preload it with some funds and spend it during the month how you want.

You can book a package of data and minutes or use it as you go and as long your balance allows. In most cases, unused internet will expire by the end of the 4 week period, but the remaining money won’t.

Generally, prepaid doesn’t have to be cheaper than contact, and the internet, in many instances, will cost you more with prepaid SIM. But it gives you total control of your mobile expenses.

When should you choose a mobile contact and when a prepaid SIM card?

Mobile contractPrepaid SIM Card
1. Great for long-term stay (>1 year)
2. Includes fast internet, unlimited call, text
3. Has long cancellation notice
4. Requires German address and German bank account (IBAN)
1. Best for a short-term stay
2. Best for low budget
3. No contract and no cancelation period
4. Slow & expensive internet

Cancelling a SIM Card in Germany

Terminating SIM card contact isn’t some rare occasion, in fact, it happens quite often. For this reason, it’s important to read the conditions before you sign for a SIM card provider. Most companies mentioned in this article don’t require you to sign any contract, for example, WinSim. Generally, most of the prepaid offers are easily terminable.

Moreover, some providers have mobile apps where you can quit your package, but others might require you to visit the nearest office or at least to call or email them.

Read more about cancelling mobile contract in Germany in this article.

Prepaid SIM cards or rates can usually be canceled at any time with a period of 14-30 days to the end of the month. When you cancel, you can also decide if you want to keep the number or not.

However, with prepaid rates, you don’t even have to quit, you could just not recharge a balance anymore and nothing will happen. But the best practice is, of course, to write an official termination if you no longer use it.

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