Anna Write

Interested to move your career abroad or get graduated in another country? Additionally, learn new cultures, travel the world and meet new people?

My Story

Hello, I am Anna – an explorer, traveler, and global citizen who originated in Mother Russia. No, I wasn’t born rich, I worked since the age of 17 because my family couldn’t afford my education even in Russia, where it’s actually free.

The last 5 years I have spent in Germany, Greece, Austria, and India working, studying or volunteering. Currently, I am pursuing my big goal – a bachelor in International Business in Austria.

All that I have now was achieved by setting the right goals and hard work.

Remember, nothing is impossible. Yes, it can be hard to move to another country, to learn a new language, to sacrifice everything for this goal, trust me I had been there.

It might take time, money, effort, tears, struggles. But in the end, you will be rewarded and it will get only better with the time.

On this platform, I am helping people from around the world move to Germany or Austria to work, study or start a business. Since I can speak from my experience and support you in this journey.

Whatever you are a teenager, looking for studies abroad, adult willing to change their current situation for a better future or an expat who need some practical and informative advice on working in these countries.

I also write about program Au Pair, volunteering and business opportunities in Germany and Austria. As I went through this as well.
I really hope you will find this platform helpful to achieve your goals!




  • finished high school in Russia
  • studied two years of Civil Engineering in Sankt-Peterburg, switched to online education form – moved to Germany at the age of 19
  • currently studying International Business in Austria

Experience Abroad

  • finished volunteer year in Germany
  • had been Au-Pair in Germany
  • started Children Nurse degree, however, left after 4 months
  • worked for a year in a tech startup in Athens, Greece
  • currently doing an exchange semester at University in Istanbul, Turkey
  • had been to India for 7 times, in total almost half a year

Facts About Me

  • traveled over 35 countries
  • speak 3 languages
  • lived in 5 counties
  • worked in 3 counties
  • licensed fitness trainer
  • former professional road cyclist
  • healthy lifestyle freak
  • always learning and improving myself