Are you interested in moving your career abroad or starting a business in another country? 

Hello, I am Anna – a passionate expat, explorer, traveler, and global citizen.

I have spent the last seven years in Germany, Austria, Greece, India, and Serbia working, studying, or volunteering.

On this platform, I am helping people from around the world move to Europe to work, study, or start a business. I hope you will find this website helpful in achieving your goals!

What have I been doing all these years?

  • moved to Germany at the age of 19
  • finished bachelor’s degree in International Business in Austria
  • finished volunteer year in Germany
  • had been Au-Pair in Germany
  • started Children’s Nurse degree
  • worked for a year in a tech startup in Athens, Greece
  • did an exchange semester at University in Istanbul, Turkey

Some facts about me:

  • traveled over 40 countries
  • speak fluent 3 languages
  • lived in 6 countries
  • worked in 4 countries
  • licensed fitness trainer
  • healthy lifestyle freak
  • always learning and improving