10 Best Universities in Europe for Bachelor Degree: A Guide

In this post, I would like to give your overview of some great public universities in Europe where you might want to study. Selecting a university is the most important part of the study abroad journey, read this post to avoid mistakes. But be aware that these educational institutions aren’t on the top world ranking (yeah Oxford does), if you’re aiming for this you should study in the UK or USA.

Here are top 10 universities in Europe for Bachelor degree:

  • The University of Oxford, England
  • Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich, Germany
  • University of Vienna, Austria
  • The University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • The University of Barcelona, Spain
  • Utrecht University, Netherlands
  • Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam), Netherlands
  • The University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain
  • Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary
  • The Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

My overview includes places where I personally would consider studying and live from different perspectives such as the language of courses, country, city, living costs, tutorial fees, weather, economy, culture, nature, people, food, etc. First, you need to decide what are your main priorities and go from there

1. The University of Oxford, England

Probably most of us already have heard about this exceptional University with excellent teaching, research, learning opportunities, and about 23.000 students from around the globe.

Known as the oldest college in English-speaking counties, and world’s second-oldest after the University of Bologna. To study here you will need to prepare to invest a good amount of money, one semester will cost $11,700 for undergrads from the U.K. and European Union, and anywhere between $19,860 and $29,230 for students from the rest of the world

We all know that English Universities are at the top of the ranking and probably always will be. Let’s shift our focus and look at other public universities, which could be worth your attention.

2. Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich, Germany

LMU located in the historical center of the second south “capital” Munich. If you do speak German or would like to learn (for your future professional competences) its a great place to study! 

With about 51.000 students it is one of the biggest in Germany and Europe’s leading research universities.  Found in 1472 LMU attracts many Germans as well as international students from around the world.

Creative thinking, problem-solving and research are central to LMU’s academic programs. Best programs to take: Physics, Psychology, Management, and Business.

The great thing about studying in Germany is student fees, which do not exist, however, you need to pay administration costs around 250 EUR in the semester, which includes a monthly ticket for public transport.

From my experience, Munich has a vibrant student life and a relaxing city atmosphere, as I lived in Munich for several months and around a year in the city nearby. 

3. University of Vienna, Austria

“Life in Vienna’s city center always bustling”

O Vienna, charming city with a long history behind and very cultivated people. The University has about 91.000 students from approximately 130 countries. Founded in 1365 Vienna University one of the oldest and largest universities in Europe.

The student’s fees will be 750 EUR per semester, which makes Austria more expensive to study as Germany, but in general living costs are the same.

4. The University of Copenhagen, Denmark

“Best shops, cafes, bars in Copenhagen could be found along the canals”

Big advantage of study in Denmark that you can pretty easy to find almost any course of English. Copenhagen University with over 40,000 students and more than 9,000 employees,  is one of the largest in the Nordic countries. It is considered to be more research dominate institutions, so what are you looking for don’t miss a chance.

Life in Denmark could be pricey, however, after graduation, you will have the best opportunities to find a high salary job in Scandinavian countries. For all students from the EU/EEA and Switzerland study in Denmark is free. Unfortunately, students coming from outside the EU/EEA or Non-Nordic Countries must pay between EUR 10,000 to 17,000 per academic year.

5. The University of Barcelona, Spain

We could not forget one of the most vibrant and charming cities in the world with months of endless sunshine (that’s a solid point) – Barcelona. The University of the Catalonian capital has over 60.000 students.

Almost 15% of the students are from overseas and of over 122 different nationalities, which makes it a very foreigner’s friendly place! A degree like International Business and English Studies, Physiotherapy, Bioinformatics, Tourism are taught in English, but other programs only partly.

“Barcelona reminds to be one of the best student city to live in Europe”

6. Utrecht University, Netherlands

“Utrecht University”

The Netherlands is a multicultural country with most English spoken populations in the EU outside the UK. Established in 1636 the Utrecht University offers a wide variety of English courses for bachelor programs as well as master. Courses list ranges from science to languages.

You will be surrounded by many international students due each year thousands of newcomers come to Utrecht. That’s especially visible in the Netherlands, which famous for international connection and globalization. City Utrecht the fourth largest city in the Netherlands known for beautiful historical downtown with Medieval buildings.

7. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam), Netherlands

“Streets of Amsterdam”

The university offers over 170 English-taught programs at Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD level, nearly a quarter of all students come from all over the world. Vrije translates as “free” institution was founded in 1880 as an open organization, VU open its doors widely for foreigners.

International students usually don’t have communication problems in the whole Netherlands, thanks well English spoken locals.

Amsterdam unique energized and at the same time a relaxed city in Europe! If you haven’t been yet in this stunning place, you are missing out. However, be cautious with visiting time, winter is unpleasant there.

8. The University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain

Surprisingly, this public University in the capital of Spain offers a countless amount (more than half) of great English-taught courses for Bachelor! O got, why I did not know it, my choice would be different now! The University Carlos III of Madrid has about 19.000 Students and 15.000 of them are undergraduates.

The organization has a strong reputation in business subjects, which is regularly ranked amongst the top 50 institutions worldwide. And yeah don’t forget, a Bachelor’s Degree in Spain takes 4 years, compared with some other countries where you need to finish 3 years.

Shortly about Madrid: from my experience a very comfortable city, solid size (6,5 million inhabitants), traditionally stunning Spanish architecture, a great variety of bars and cafes, tasty tapas. And do not forget that in Madrid you will find the biggest Zara in the world!

9. Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary

The University has three faculties with business administration, economics, and social sciences, which does make it quite simple to choose a program. The course language is various from Hungarian, English, French to German. University is located on the Danube River with a beautiful view over another part of the city –  Buda.

Budapest is a great city for budget lovers, tutorial fees quite low as well – between 2-3.000 USD a year. The Hungarian capital is living the life, with a big amount of young inhabitants, you feel energy and innovation flowing in.

Moreover, the location allows traveling easily to neighborhood countries like Austria, Slovakia, Czechia, Croatia while you have a semester break.

10. The Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

“Prague is a famous tourist spot”

This is the oldest, largest and best-rated university in the Czech Republic, founded in 1348. Big institution with over 50.000 students offering 6 Bachelor’s Degree in different fields such as Business, Social science, Humanities.

Its widely known as a research university and frequent international projects. Overall students are satisfied with the general aspects of university.

One thing to note, studying in the Czech Republic is inexpensive but English programs required a 6.000 USD a year tutorial fees.

Yes, fees might make you tight in the budget, luckily the Czech Republic is not an expensive country and Prague too. You can still live a decent life there if you avoid touristy spots and not renting an apartment in the center.

Have you ever heard that Prague locals consume more beer than anyone in the world? That makes Prague the best place to grab a beer and pork knuckle in hundreds of traditional restaurants.

Despite a medieval city with beautiful 14-century architecture, the city is home to many clubs, bars, pubs and even the biggest club in Europe!

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